Ecosmart the easy way

Real Estate

We think sharing these simple tips around the house will help make your home more energy smart the easy way.  These tips are quick, inexpensive and will help minimize energy consumption, lowering your utility bills which will make your property more attractive.  If you’re considering selling your property, some of these changes will help get and keep your home ready for potential buyer visits.

LED bulbs are big energy savers and can last many years. And LED light doesn’t have to be cold and harsh. LEDs are now available in warmer, more flattering tones that look great.  As an added benefit of replacing all your bulbs, you’ll be assured your house’s lighting works, making your house look brighter and more inviting to potential buyers. 

Connect computers, TVs and other electronics to power strips that can be turned off at night. Even when these items aren’t in use, standby mode can draw more power than you think. For the most flexibility, look for power strips that allow some outlets to stay on while others are shut off.

Use the dishwasher, especially if it is new! Newer dishwashers typically use about one-sixth of the water needed to wash the same amount of dishes by hand. Skip the heated dry cycle. The rinse cycle water will be hot enough to evaporate quickly if you open the door and let the dishes air-dry instead. Always run full loads for the best cleaning results.

When you are home, set the thermostat to 78°F or higher in the summer. Installing a programmable thermostat is inexpensive and can further your energy savings all year round.  This temperature should also be comfortable for potential buyers as they visit your property. 

Schedule your heating and cooling system for a checkup regularly, at least once a year. Be sure to clean the filter or coils monthly on your air conditioner and refrigerator. These appliances work more effectively and efficiently when they’re clean.

We can offer you more suggestions for preparing your home to help appeal to the most potential buyers possible.  From energy-saving tips, basic home maintenance checklists, and staging ideas, we are ready to serve you.  Contact us today to find out how the Erdmann Team would work for you.