New homes vs resale homes


Most times you can't find that ‘perfect’ resale property for you, because it does not exist or nothing like it is on the market or near where you want to live.  The solution is to build and make it fit your idea of perfect.  

Of course, new construction costs more per square foot than used, because it has more value.  Doesn't everything - new cars, new appliances, and so on -  cost more when it's new? If the value was not there no one would buy anything new.  

We get asked often what a newly constructed home offers as advantages over a used home.  Here are some of the advantages we point out to our customers when they are considering a building a "perfect-for-my family" home: 

•  No residual odors to fight off.
•  You don’t have to live in someone else’s floor plan, nor do you have to live with someone else's colors, flooring, old materials, appliances, and out-of-date building code specifications.
•  Lower insurance costs, because of the new building specifications vis-à-vis wind and higher foundation elevations in flood zones which radically reduce flood insurance costs.  A significant combination.
•  Lower electric costs, because of the newer insulation specifications and materials, better insulated ducts, insulated window and sliding door glass, and much higher efficiency ratings of the a/c equipment.
•  Floor plans are adjustable to suit your individual desires at a much lower cost than remodeling a resale home.
•  Everything in the home is new and is warrantied for a minimum of 1 year by the builder, and some things are warrantied for longer, such as the roof shingles/tiles for 30 years.  
•  New items last much longer than used.  If you ever replaced a roof or air conditioning system or resurfaced a pool, you know how much money you can save by having everything new.
•  You get to choose the colors of the interior and exterior walls to match your tastes rather than having to pay someone to repaint to match or being stuck with someone else’s choices and wall repairs.  This saves thousands.
•  You get to choose the color, style, and quality of the cabinets, counter tops, carpets, tile, plumbing fixtures, roof, landscaping, etc.
•  You select the brand, color, and type of appliances.
•  No wear and tear on carpets, appliances, doors, walls, etc. that affect the looks, value, and life of those items.

Please do not compare price per square foot for the same size houses among builders.  You would not compare price per pound for the same size automobiles among manufacturers, would you?  Quality versus size and price equals value – the key is quality in homes just like in autos.